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The following classes will be held at the National Hispanic Cultural Center, 1701 4th Street SW, ABQ. Class size is limited to 15 students. Please contact Mita Saldana at Against The Grain 505-281-5737 or e-mail
There are photos of all classes listed on the website


Saturday, March 5     1:00-4:00  
3 hours            $35 plus $2.43 tax

This is a wood covered book which dates back to 3rd century Africa. It has multiple signatures, an exposed spine sewing that is done with 2 needles, and is non-adhesive. Sounds more difficult but it's actually easier than a Coptic binding! Come on! Let's pretend we're monks and bind our little scratchy wool robes off!


Saturday, March 12    10:00-4:00
6 hours           $65 plus $4.51 tax

Boxes, boxes, boxes. They are my weakness! In my quest to make more I developed this one. It has two drawers stacked one on top of the other inserted into it's own "cabinet", each drawer having a pull-tab for ease of opening. Makes a wonderful place to keep jewellery or favorite momentos.


Saturday, March 19      10:00-4:00
6 hours           $65 plus $4.51 tax

This is brand new and is great for an adult pencil box or as a jewellry box. It's long and has a bottom section with rails that allow two sliding trays on top. From the outside it looks much like a clamshell box or book.


Saturday, March 26       10:00-4:00
6 hours            $55 plus $3.82 tax

Come learn how to change almost any type of cloth into bookcloth. If you have cloth you would like to transform, bring it to class along with a hair dryer if you  have one. I will provide other cloth selections. Then we will make a multi-sectioned hard cover book with your new cloth. We will sew over straps or tapes that are exposed on the spine, then attached to the covers.  


Mondays and Wednesdays,
March 7, 9, 14, 16, 21, 23       6:00-9:00 pm
18 hours      $180 plus $12.49 tax, includes some materials

This is your introduction to basic bookbinding using traditional methods. We will cover the history, tools, techniques, and materials of hand bookbinding. Each project is designed, cut and assembled by you. You will complete at least two soft-bound pamphlet stitched books, a single section hard-bound book, and complete a multiple signature hard bound book.

The following classes will be held at Santa Fe Community College and must be paid through the college.
6401 Richards Ave., Santa Fe, NM 87508-4887
Phone: (505) 428-1270 Fax: (505) 428-1468
Continuing Education
Phone: (505) 428-1676 Fax: (505) 428-1302


The Flat Back Multiple Signature Book
This book has a distinctive classic appearance. It consists of multiple signatures that are sewn together and wrapped in a hard cover. This makes a great journal or sketchbook and is a holiday gift-giving favorite. The class is open to beginners as well as more advanced students.
Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., April 2, 1 day.
Course #CR309 01/CRN 31550
Fee $45

Decorative Calligrapher's Box
Students will construct a beautiful box using new materials. Book board and contemporary papers give this box a whole new look. This structure is perfect as a high-end other pencil box or spot for your calligraphy supplies. Students need to bring tools and glue, but all supplies are provided to complete this project.
Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., April 9, 1 day.
Course #CR306 01/CRN 31551
 Fee $55